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This site and my blog are built using Hugo, a static site generator. They’re built to be as lightweight as possible and make use of semantic HTML.

The site is built on GitHub actions and deployed using FTP-Deploy-Action. My site is hosted at bHosted and my blog is hosted using GitHub Pages.

All valid HTML and valid CSS, which is generated using tailwindcss. All content is written in Markdown using neovim.

I have a .htaccess file that handles all the routing for fancy URLs and caching as well. HTML files are cached for one day, and images and fonts are cached indefinitely.

My OPML file for RSS subscriptions and sitemap are rendered nicely using XSL stylesheets.

Merriweather is used for the main content, Fira Sans Condensed (Light 300 Italic) for the headings and Bungee Shade for the header. Code blocks use the default monospace font. All fonts are self-hosted to prevent Google from tracking my visitors.

I built my own barebones statistics tracker. It tracks visits, not views, per post. It also has an optional disable trigger using localStorage so that my own views aren’t tracked. The results are publicly available can be filtered per month and are shown in a simple graph that I built using Chart.js.

I do not store your personal information in any way. Privacy statement.