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Robin Boers

Hypertexting /ˈhʌɪpətɛkstɪŋ/


  1. Constructing a body of hypertext over time—such as with blogs or wikis—with an emphasis on the strengths of linking (within and without the text) and rich formatting.

Check out these message {en, de}coding tools: QBit, ROT-13, Atbash

Some cool modern retrogaming resources:

What makes CSS hard to master. I think I fall into the "group of people who specialise in other technology", but I think I agree.

Oh Shit, Git!?!, 😂 I'm not sure if it'll actually help in a real situation, but it's funny for sure!

Just bumped into Marijn's website, who, in his linkroll, recommended After The Tone. It's truely genius. I bet it took them a lot of work to create that site :)

This guy made some awesome tools to apply old-school filters to pictures, to generate ASCII text and much more! Check his site out.

I never realised how many octocat images GitHub made! Take a look at the Octodex, a gigantic database of Octocat images created by GitHub employees.

Some cool link directories and webrings to look around in:

I had a bit of fun this afternoon:

Chiptone is a very handy tool for creating video game sound effects. Check it out!

I didn't know digital comics where a thing.

Well, there goes another evening wasted. This ecosystem/physics simulation is way too satisfying to play around in.

Just found this amazing tool (randoma11y) to generate nice color combinations that also have enough contrast.


Degheest is the best fucking typeface I've seen in a long time. (exept maybe MSPain). And while you're there, check out the other fonts on as well, they're great.

WoW. I needed this (Ad-Link Bypasser) for a long time now. Finally something to get past those STUPID ADFLY LINKS!

Two words: reddit big.

Show this to your friends. Guaranteed laugh.

If you've got some time to kill is a nice little story to watch.

How to not use HTML for dummies: Introducing HTMHell. A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites.

Beautiful websites 💖

Some amazing personal and portfolio websites on the interwebs. I'm feeling lucky