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Hi, my name is Robin. I’m a 16-year-old teenager from the Netherlands. I work at Qdentity as Junior Developer. I’m currently in 5VWO. I think you British people would call it Year 12, and American folks would call it Grade 10 or something.

I love building random things related to the Web, servers and Linux. I’m fluent in Elixir, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and the Linux commandline. I also know a little PHP too.

Some random facts about me: I have a cat called Coco (who apparently has an instagram profile: @coconootje23, go follow him!). I absolutely love Belgian waffles (but stroopwafels are nice too). I enjoy playing Minecraft. I’m very clumsy; I tend to break things.


I’m pretty good at building websites. I’m fluent in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Elixir and Phoenix. Additionally, I’m comfortable with the Linux commandline. I can work with PHP and WordPress, but I’d rather use a Static Site Generator. My English is also decent (as you might see 😉).

I regularly post updates on my blog about my findings. I try to keep learning (because it’s fun).

About the site

My site is built using my own static site generator — called Chop — and is hosted at bHosted. The source code is publicly available, but I (still) haven’t decided on a license.


My public emailaddress is hello@geheimesite.nl. You can also send me a friend request on Discord, my handle is ThatComputerBoy#9914.

I absolutely hate social media, so I’m not on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook. You can follow me via RSS tho.

Alternatively, you can also fill out the form below, to send an email to one of my six email addresses.