Building my own things

TL;DR I’ve been thinking lately about how I use my computer, and how I can improve my workflow — by building my own stuff.

I wrote about Wesley’s amazing website multiple times in the past. While his writing is amazing, what I like most about his site is the way he built it. He basically wrote a static site generator, with exactly the things he needed, in plain Bash. That’s cool!

And then a while back while reading some blogs, I stumbled upon Linus’ blog. In addition to his blog (which is also very interesting btw), he has also written a whole suit of programs and tools for personal use. Everything from a calendar, to a notes app, to a fricking search engine — all in his own programming language. That’s even cooler!

It was really inspiring to me — I want that. I want to build my own tools. So I made a plan.

The Plan

I want my tools to run in two places:

I’ve found the perfect tools for the job:

Here’s some things I want to make:

And I want to replace Bix with separate tools:

I’m also planning to write a bunch of Markdown converters:

Together, this should be enough for some bigger projects: