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Robin Boers

I’m webdesigner, Elixir programmer and teenager. I’m 15 years old and live in the Netherlands. Welcome to my website! This is like my personal playground, my little corner of the web. I post my projects like games, websites and apps here and I also regularly post to my blog.

Wanna know more about me? Check the about me page. If you want to see my work you can take a look at the projects page. If you’re mostly interested in the code, check my GitHub profile.

I wanna speak dutch again


Show XYZ: neopub

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 3 May 2022

This description from the IndieWeb wiki describes best what neopub is1. I built neopub as because I wanted to have a micropub endpoint to be able to like stuff in monocle, post from and because I like doing hard things. neopub is a blogging software developed by RobinBoers. It runs and is written in PHP. It has a built-in micropub endpoint and sends webmentions. neopub is inspired by neofeed, publog and ~ If you want to learn more about neopub, check the IndieWeb wiki. This post is about how and why I made it. I …

Going IndieWeb

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 3 May 2022

I recently moved this blog and its big dutch brother to my own site. I did this because I wanted to be in control of my content (and more importantly, its URL) and because I like to do hard stuff I guess. This blog is now hosted as a git repository over on GitHub, which means I can use version control. I can also host it using GitHub pages and deploy it using GitHub actions, which is pretty neat. This was the first step in indiewebifying my website. I also set up IndieAuth, h-card, I marked my posts up using microformats2 and I started sending webmentions. So, what is this IndieWeb? Well, …

A phoneless month.

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 5 March 2022

February was a special month for me. I had challenged myself to put away my phone for an entire month. In this post, I’d like to share my experience. But, why would I want to do this? I found myself glued to my phone a lot lately. At home, when I woke up, in the evening, at school, and even on the toilet. In addition, I also noticed it was annoying me everyone expects you to always be available. So, how’d it go? I have to say I quite enjoyed the peace it gave me, however, I was counting down in the last week. And in free periods and breaks at school, when all my friends were …

Distros DO NOT matter. Get over it.

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 16 January 2022

I have been asked many times “what is the best distro for gamers” or “which linux distro should I pick”. There is this huge misconception in people’s minds that some Linux distros are better than others, that they have to pick the right one. The truth is, all distros are fundamentally the same. There is no such thing as ’the best Linux distro'. Most Linux beginners download a lot of ISO images and judge the distros on their look, preinstalled apps, and desktop environment. To be frankly honest, I did the same thing when I started with Linux. But it is the …

Plans and projects for 2022

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 3 January 2022

Just like last year I’m writing about my goals and projects I want to complete this year. But first, how did I do last year? Well, in this post I wrote about my progress in 2021. Quick recap: I wanted to learn Express (servers) I wanted to build GTK+ apps I wanted to learn React to build mobile apps with React Native I wanted to create 3D games and prototypes using Three.js So, did I accomplish these goals? Well, sorta. I didn’t do anything with GTK. Mostly because the docs suck, and for Node.js they are even worse. I might try Granite in the future. Who knows? But GTK and Linux …

Hi, I'm that Crazy Webdev!

Geschreven door Robin Boers op 25 December 2021

Hi! My name is Robin. I’m an enthusiastic developer from the Netherlands. I’m also the creator of Nindo, and this is my third blog. For dutch people, I also have a blog over here: Webdevelopment-En-Meer. If you want to know more about me, check my personal website. And for English readers, I also have a second blog where I post about solutions for stupid problems, creatively titled, Stupid Codes. Enough about me, what’s this new blog all about? Well, like I said before, I already have a dutch blog where I regularly post about programming and my other hobbies. This blog is an …