The Archives

This page offers an insight into the history of this site. I built the first version way back in 2017, when I was still in primary school. Back then, I was a huge fan of undercover spies, thus that was the main topic of the site. Which also explains the name — geheimesite means secret site in Dutch.

When I started out on my webdevelopment journey, I was blissfully unaware of literally anything. Hence, the lack of version control. I recovered older versions of the site from backups, folders called “v0.1”, “v0.3.4” etc. I also lost a bunch of versions, and a bunch of things contained so much buggy and insecure PHP (I exposed the filesystem), that I didn’t dare to reupload it.

Anyways, here’s an incomplete list of previous versions of this site. Beware of the (many) dead links :P